SKY HAIR Import-Export Joint Stock Company is one of the biggest hair extension suppliers in Vietnam. We supply the best 100% high-quality natural human hair extensions. Possessing thousands of various products, we have created – a website where you can find all the information about our products.

On our store website, we arrange categories and information clearly, so you can easily see the necessary information and find the most appropriate products. On that website, we classify our products according to the product lines, textures, and colors. All the hair extensions we supply have the same origin and quality, so the product classification is not based on those categories. Our products are all made from natural human hair collected from Vietnamese women. The hair is guaranteed to be soft, smooth, and safe for health.
Basically, there are 12 categories on the website including 12 product lines and hair accessories. The product lines are:

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In each of these product lines, you can find products with different texture and color. We are now offering 4 main textures (straight, wavy, curly, kinky) with different forms and 4 main colors (black, dark brown, light brown, blonde) with various shades.

On the website, you can find all the details about every single product such as the specification, description, advantages, and reviews about it. To order a product, you just need to choose the hair length, the color shade, and the hair standard. Hair standards refer to the fullness of the hair extension end (or in other word, the ratio of shorter hair strands to full-length hair strands). There are 3 basic hair standards: single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn.
According to your choice of order, the price of the product will be calculated and posted instantly, so you can easily consider buying or choosing another product. However, you can check the Pricelist we provide to know the price of products in advance.

Also, on our store website, you can find useful information about our company, products, services, and policies. You may need to take a look at important items such as Shipping and Delivery, Payments and Pricing, Return and Exchange policy, or FAQs.

We post information about our staff, so you can get supported whenever you need. Our staff will provide you the most relevant information and also guide you on how to order the products. We also have an item which is Contact us on the website. In case you have any questions that you want us to solve directly and immediately, you can visit this item.


Being a leading hair supplier from Vietnam, Sky Hair has supplied hair extensions with excellent quality to customers all over the world. All of the products we supply are made from 100% raw hair. We use only Vietnamese women’s natural hair which is soft, smooth, strong and absolutely free of insects and bugs. Processed and checked carefully, our products can be used for a very long time. We offer you a wide range of products with different textures, colors, lengths, types of hair end. Not only provide the great products, we make sure that our sale and after-sale service satisfy customers. We commit ourselves to bringing you the comfort before, during, and after you buy our products. With Sky Hair, you can enjoy your new hair.


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