Hair length is one of the most important factors you should consider before purchasing any hair extensions. Products with different length will bring you a completely new appearance. Currently, Beequeenhair offers hair extensions with the length ranging from 6 inches to 32 inches. However, we can make longer hair extensions based on customers’ requirements.

The length of our products also depends on the texture. With the same length, the wavy hair looks shorter than straight hair, but longer than curly hair. The reason is that this hair length is measured when the hair strand is in straight form.

Here are some useful information about hair length you may need to know:

Hair length can be divided to: ear length, chin length, shoulder length, armpit length, mid back length.

Chin length is short haircut, while ear length is a very short haircut. Shoulder length is of medium length.

With long hair, you can make up-do, French twists, and chignons for events. With long hair, you have more styling options. This hair length also brings the feeling of femininity. With long hair extensions, you can look graceful, sexy, and fancy whenever you want even if you wear just jeans and t-shirt.

Short hair is perfect for girls who can’t stand the heat in summer. It helps you stay cool. Short hair extensions are somewhat more convenient to use than long hair extensions since you don’t have to style a lot before wearing them. One more advantage of short hair is that it saves you a lot of time for shampooing and drying. With short hair, you will look definitely energetic, strong, and even more professional.

If you always want to change your hairstyle without changing your beloved hair too much, hair extensions of Beequeenhair is here to help you. With various length, textures, and colors you can have a brand new appearance whenever you want. Our products are all here to make your beauty shine.