Being a big hair extension supplier, Beequeenhair brings you excellent products with the best quality. With our hair extensions, you will always look fresh and beautiful. We offer a variety of hair extensions classified according to different categories.

Currently there are three standards available. These standards have the same hair quality. The only difference between them is the ratio of short strands and long strands in one hair bundle.

The three standards are:

  • Single drawn hair: This type of hair has thin end because it has a certain amount of short hair in the bundle. However, people still love these products since the hair quality still meet all the international standards and its price is reasonable.
  • Double drawn hair: The hair extensions of this standard have a thicker end. The reason is that the hair bundles contain less short hair strands. Of course, the thicker the hair end is, the better the hair extension looks. These moderate products are now very popular.
  • Super double drawn hair: The name of this hair standard can partly show you how great the products of this standard are. Almost all the hair strands are of the same length, therefore the end of the hair extensions looks full and thick. The price of this hair standard is higher than two types above.

Besides, we have products which are called one-donor hair. These hair extensions are 100% human hair from only one donor.

Since we use high-quality hair only, you can bleach, color, and style these products easily without worrying about any problems.

We commit ourselves to bring you the best hair extensions regardless of the standard you choose. The softness, smoothness, and durability of all the products are the same, therefore choose what you find suitable for yourself. Consider the price, texture, color, and length of the hair extensions before you decide to purchase. If you need any support or recommendation, we are always willing to help you.