Guidelines to pick your right clip in hair

By Admin vào lúc 04/12/2021

Among the most popular hair extension methods, clip in hair can bring you longer and thicker hair in an unexpected short time. You may find this temporary way of hair enhancement rather easy to apply and money – saving. Since high quality clip in hair neither cause any harm to your natural ones nor require any special care, increasing number of women all over the world fall in it. However, should you are inexperienced, picking a suitable clip in hair can be more demanding than you imagine. In that case, hope this following tips may be useful for you.

Clip in hair extension Before and after

The material of clip in hair

Firstly, guidelines to pick your right clip in hair regarding the material of clip- in hair: synthetic or human hair. Although synthetic clip- in hair extensions may cost significantly less and it looks quite attractive at very first sight, human hair is advisable. Thanks to its intact layers, human clip- in hair is stronger, shinier and free of tangling or shedding. The added hair can go through normal processes such as styling, drying or even coloring without lacking its natural look.

Natural look of human clip in hair

The length of clip- in hair extensions

The second point you should take into consideration is the length of clip- in hair extension. This partly depends on your natural hair’s length so they can blend well with the other. If your normal hair is quite short, just can reach your jaw or even shorter, 10 to 14 inches of clip- in hair extensions is perfect for you. If you have a lob style hair, meaning the hairs just touch your shoulder, your ideal length of clip in hair is 14 to 18 inches. And should you have a longer hair, you may apply an extension of 18 inches at least.

Different length of clip in hair can bring different looks

The style of clip in hair

Last but not least, the style of clip- in hair may greatly affect your appearance. Basically, most manufacturers offer three types of clip- in hair: straight, wavy or curly. Therefore, you can choose this to your liking or base on your face shape. A straight one may sharpen your face and make your appearance more attractive, powerful. However, if your face is square or rectangle shaped, you would rather soften its edge by small wavy clip- in hair. Whereas, curly hair types suit anyone who want to be more energetic or rebellious looking.

Choosing straight, wavy or curly clip in hair that suit your style

Where to purchase clip in hair

Wondering about where to purchase high quality clip- in hair? Try Sky Hair. Being the top hair supplier in Vietnam after over 10 years of experience, Sky Hair has become the creditable partner of many businesses. Sky Hair has earned a reputation for its premium quality products and reasonable prices. The company offer 100% virgin human clip- in hair with three above textures and a wide range of length upon your request. Silky and absolutely natural clip- in hairs at Sky Hair surely live up to your highest expectation.

100% natural human clip in hair of Sky Hair

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